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Everything You Need to Know About Our Goose Down Fillers

Everything You Need to Know About Our Goose Down Fillers

Discover the magic of our premium fill for duvets and pillows - goose down! Read on to learn more about where our down comes from, its reputable certifications, what makes these duvets and pillows so special and how to best care for them.

The Origin and Processing of Our Down

We chose high-quality goose down as the fill for our premium duvets and pillows. Our down is ethically sourced (which means it passes the highest animal welfare standards) from European farms only. Most often, from certified farms in Poland.

Opting for goose down as our filler was a well-thought-out choice, not something we came across by chance. Goose down has a higher thermoregulating ability than other down and retains heat and helps to wick moisture away from the body better, too. It's also naturally durable and lightweight, and such a light, fluffy fill ensures more comfort during sleep.

Once the goose is de-feathered, the feathers are rinsed and delivered to our processing plant. The goose down must be transported damp and cooled because otherwise, it would lose its natural odor. At the processing plant, the down is washed again, sometimes rinsed up to 20 times, to remove all impurities.

Our down is washed in local water from the Vltava River (this water is then returned to its source, so there is no waste). After washing, the down is dried in a dryer and then heads to the sorting plant. Once sorted, the ideal fill ratio of down and feather is then placed into our 100% cotton casing.

Goose Down Like No Other

Some down duvets have a downside. Many people recall heavy down duvets at the weekend cottage, with feathers and painful quills poking out of them. However, you will never come across the like with Lejaan down duvets and pillows.

Our Down Comfort collection is exceptional for its lightweight features, tightly woven loose-fill, easy maintenance and the even distribution of down. The down in our duvets is held in place thanks to stitched-through pockets and our pillows feature an innovative chamber system. Our fills are processed in such a way that potential flaws of down are eliminated and only down’s benefits and unquestionable and unrivaled advantages come to light.

Certified and Safe for Allergy Sufferers

Our goose down fill meets the following certification standards:

Responsible Down Standard

This standard ensures that the down and feathers have been obtained from birds that have not been subjected to treatments that cause pain, suffering or stress and that an identification and traceability system that applies to the origin of the material is applied and maintained.

Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

This label guarantees that no harmful substances or dyes were used in the production of our pillows and duvets.


This label confirms that the fill is suitable for people who suffer from dust or dust mite allergies and meets high standards of cleanliness, density and strength. This means that our down duvets and pillows are only not suitable for people with feather allergies.


Our down is analysed by a hygiene laboratory (only environmentally friendly detergents can be used) and meets the strictest hygiene requirements set by the European standard.

Our Comfort All Season Down Duvets

We chose to fill our fluffy goose down duvets with the optimal ratio of 90% down and 10% feather. Lightweight down is obtained from the bird’s chest region which protects against the cold and has a higher thermal efficiency. Compared to quill feathers, down is composed of thousands of fine fibres that are naturally softer and produce a lighter fill. Adding feather to the down helps to maintain a duvets shape and volume as do the stitched-through fabric pockets. These pockets keep the down and feathers in place and provide plenty of space for an optimal loft.

Our Comfort All Season down duvets are the best choice for comfortable sleep all year round. Not only do they wick away moisture, but they also have excellent thermal regulation properties, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our duvets are available in single and double sizes in classic and extended lengths.

Our Down Comfort Medium Pillows

We chose a medium loft for our Down Comfort Medium pillows and two different types of inner constructions. Our smaller 40 × 40 cm and 40 × 60 cm pillows, have a single chamber construction, which contains 60% lightweight down and 40% feather.

Our remaining pillow sizes feature the so-called three-chamber construction, where the outer chambers contain 90% down and 10% feather and the inner chamber is filled with a combination of down and feather in a ratio of 15: 85. This inner chamber acts as a solid foundation maintaining the pillow’s support and shape, while the outer chambers ensure maximum fluffiness and enhance sleep comfort. Thanks to this innovative chamber construction, our down pillows stay lofty, pleasantly soft and are like new for a long time.

How to Properly Care for Down Duvets and Pillows

Our Down Comfort duvets and pillows are machine-washable. We recommend washing in a mild detergent at 60 °C on a low spin speed setting, ideally, once a year. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact a professional cleaner.

Our duvets and pillows can be tumble dried, but, ideally, set on a gentle low heat setting. Duvets and smaller-size pillows can also be air-dried, but keep out of direct sunlight. Naturally, larger pillows take longer to dry, so air drying is not recommended.

Fluff and air your down duvets and pillows after each use, to let excess moisture evaporate. You can also air them outside from time to time, but never in direct sunlight. To keep them fluffy and cloud-like, do not store them in vacuum-pack bags, and do not fold pillows during storage.

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